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The Fish

Salmon (Oncorhynchus)

Originally stocked to help keep the smelt and alewive populations in check, Great Lakes Salmon has become some of the world's best!!!  From the King's (Chinooks) to the Coho to the Pinks and Atlantics...we get into them all.  Spring on Lake Huron and June to September on Lake Ontario. 

Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)

While native to most of North America...the main target for us is the Steelhead strains planted by the Canadian and American's, mostly from the sea run strains of the Pacific North West.  These Rainbows grow fast and swim even faster!!!​​ 

Walleye (Sander vitreus)

Native to All the Great Lakes but the most outstanding fishing comes from the fertal waters of Lake Erie.  From Late June thru September, we fish these extremely tasty walleyes in the central basin of the lake out of Port Burwell. 

Lake Trout (Salvelinus namaycush)

Native to all the Great Lakes but due to commercial fishing and Sea Lampreys were on the brink of being wipped out of the southern lakes.  However, due to outstanding re-stocking efforts on both sides of the lakes...they are back and growing big!!!  We target them in the spring off Kettle Point on Southern Lake Huron.

Perch (Perca)

Perch are arguably the tastiest fish in the Great Lakes.  We catch some while trolling the Walleyes in Lake Erie.  However...if that is what you want to catch...  we can slow down and fish minnows in the World's best Perch incubator.. 

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